Relationship coaching is a highly effective alternative to marriage counseling or online relationship counseling.

Thanks to the internet, you can access the best marriage and relationship help from the privacy  of your own home. No driving to a therapist and sitting on a couch, face to face with a stranger.

More importantly, relationship coaching can help with the most common relationship struggles. For example:


  • It feels like there’s a “fuzzy”communication problem whenever you talk
  • Your spouse doesn’t listento you
  • Arguments over small things explode into heated fights
  • Your sex lifehas lost its spark
  • Your partner has withdrawnor shut down emotionally
  • You feel blamed and criticized– like nothing you do is ever enough
  • Your spouse has angry outburstsand can be demanding
  • You’re struggling to forgive a betrayal of trust (e.g. an affair)
  • And many other common relationship problems…


I give one complimentary session over the phone or skype for 15 min to 1 hour. In this session, I try to know what my client wants to accomplish with my coaching session. As a result, I ask few questions to my clients that helps them define their goals and current challenges that could stand on their way.

If the client is happy with the first session, we then continue with the session once the client signs up for chosen package.

After every session an assignment will be given for things to think about or actions to be taken between coaching sessions.  Email support will always be there.You are entitled to get regular updates on your progress throughout the entire coaching process. Confidentiality of each client is maintained as per CCA, Canada code of Ethics

We’ll repair your relationship in 3 distinct phases


If you’re struggling to communicate, it’s because neither of you feel safe enough to open up to the other. My first agenda is to get you both feeling safe and securely connected again.


Once you feel securely connected, I’ll guide you through a series of heart-opening conversations that will heal past hurts, resolve your differences and get you both on the same page.



  • Create a secure emotional connection between you so you can communicate lovingly, without hurting each other.
  • Build a zone of safety and trust inside your relationship that promotes intimacy and warmth between you.
  • End the painful PUSH/PULL dynamicof one partner chasing for attention while the other withdraws.
  • Learnhow to resolve conflict fast before it ever escalates into a fight.
  • Get your needs met.Finally you’ll feel fulfilled in your relationship.
  • Heal old hurts and restore trustbetween you. If you’ve ever felt betrayed by your partner, this is critical.
  • End recurring fightsonce and for all. This session will remove the constant tension between you so you can stop tiptoeing around each other and start sharing life together.
  • Feel deeply understood:Truly ‘get’ each other’s world, motives and differing perspectives, by understanding and appreciating each your unique personality traits.
  • Create a mutually inspiring visionthat acts as a beacon to guide your relationship through the inevitable rocky moments and keeps you both excited about the future you’re moving towards.
  • Passionate sex:Learn how to keep the spark of passion alive in the bedroom (HINT: this has nothing to do with new positions).
  • Become a team.We’ll learn how to move from to separate ME’s to one united WE, without losing yourself or giving up on your personal wants and dreams.